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¡¡¡¡El lunes me voy a Taiwán!!!!
Si el martes no publico nada, es porque me han detenido por correr demasiado rápido y gritar «Lyaaaaaaaan» demasiado alto en el aeropuerto.

He estado estudiando. I’ve been studying.

(26) horas a Taiwán. (26) hours to Taiwan.

(26) hours to Taiwan playlist
First. Hello. This is an adventure. Storytelling. About a girl. Brown eyed girl. She’s not gone yet but she’s leaving. All around the world. Scenic world. Let’s go. Take a walk. Horas de vuelo. Beautiful ones. In the aeroplane over the sea. Paper planes. New map. Backpack. Little window. A sky full of stars. Ohh la. Luna. Brilla como una estrella. All night. Sleep the clock around. Where is my mind? I’m so tired. Another travellin’ song. Sueños lentos, aviones veloces. Lo que me gusta del verano es poder tomar helado. Another sunny day. When we first met. August. England. The village. Meeting place. Girls in their summer clothes. Finding something to do. Games. Holiday. Entertainment. Radio. Dreams. Always alright. I found you. A la hora del café. 夜空中最亮的星. I can talk. All day long. We were there. Made for each other. Simple as this. The last time we met. This is what I said. Please you. Do me a favour. Stay alive. Someday. We’ll meet again. Stay young, go dancing. Young and beautiful. Always like this. And she was. My girl. Taiwanese brand. She said, she said.If you wanna. Come a little closer. Come on sister. Come visit me. New Year’s Eve. How soon is now? This is the day. Mornin’ time. Finally we arrive. Viva la vida. Just like a dream. Here I am. Young. Tourist. Nuria. Half the world away. In a foreign land. Xmas in February. Winter winds. Invierno en la ciudad. Taipei. Tu continente. The long island sound. Too true to be good. Come on Eileen. Come on, let’s dance. Let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits. Honey bunny. Till the end. Because we can. Still be. Heroes. Just for one day. Rainbown. Girl. So long, see you tomorrow. It’s time. Finish line. Start again. 1234. This time tomorrow.


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